About Us

Welcome to Six Sigma Dentistry, a dream conceptualized by Dr. Praanesh Kapur. With over 10 years of experience, he has brought together a very dedicated and skilled team that delivers all forms of treatment including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and orthodontics.

Six Sigma Dentistry is a dental practice that believes in providing our patients with the highest quality dental care, in a professional, relaxed and caring environment. The quality of our treatment, infection control procedures and staff is exceptional and uncompromised. We give due importance to hygiene and ensure that all instruments are cleaned and sterilized in a designated room in accordance with the latest guidelines.

Our patients are treated with the utmost respect, courtesy and confidentiality. We take a complete approach to oral health. At our practice, we do not just treat immediate issues, but aim to provide our patients with lifelong oral care. All treatment options are discussed prior to commencing any dental treatment with full patient consent.

We consider ourselves your dental consultants who take into consideration your goals, health concerns, functional issues and cosmetic desires. Our role is to discover your needs and combine these with our dental services to provide you with a solution. In doing so, we create a Personalized Dental Plan for you that we will refer back to at each of your visits. This can be altered or sequenced to accommodate your specific needs.

Patients in our practice are provided with:

  • Access to the best materials and laboratories in the country
  • Interaction with a friendly, highly-trained staff
  • A staff and doctor that has time to sit and talk with you
  • A technologically equipped practice
  • A committed team dedicated to provide exceptional dental care so that you can achieve your dental goals
  • Flexible payment plans

With the latest innovative treatments, a highly motivated and caring team and visiting specialists, Six Sigma Dentistry is the private dental practice for comprehensive dental care.