Patient education

1. When should a child have his first dental appointment? 

Answer: A child should have his first appointment at the age of 3 – 4 years.

2. There are so many tooth pastes to choose from, how do I decide which one is for me? 

Answer: For children – Choose fluoride containing tooth paste as it helps to prevent caries. For Adults: Choose an ADA (American Dental Association) approved toothpaste. When considering other properties of toothpaste like whitening, de-sensitizing, tartar control, gum care etc. Consider your current oral health and advice from your dentist.

3. Do Ceramic Dental Veneers stain? 

Answer: Ceramic Dental Veneers are always stain resistant unlike composite veneers.

4. Dental Braces or Ceramic Dental Veneers?

Answer: If you are satisfied with the color and shape of your teeth then orthodontic teeth straightening may be a good option. If you wish to whiten and enhance the shape of your teeth as well as straighten them then cosmetic smile makeover is the perfect choice. It will also save your time of treatment. In case you choose braces and worried about the way they look you can opt for ceramic or lingual braces. Also, combination of both treatments can work wonders.

5. How is a dental implant different from a dental bridge? 

Answer: Dental Implant is surgically placed into the bone structure and mimics the functions of the root of your natural teeth. On the other hand a dental bridge is a non surgical procedure using adjacent teeth for support. Dental Implant is an individual tooth which can be flossed easily. A dental Bridge is a good choice if adjacent teeth need restoration too or if the bone density & length is not enough to place an implant.

6. Can a tooth decay even after placing a cap? 

Answer: Any uncovered area of natural tooth structure (under the gums or root surface is vulnerable to decay. Regular dental check-ups will preserve your oral health, dental health & your investment for restorations.

7. Why are straight teeth important? 

Answer: A nice smile not only looks beautiful but also promotes good oral health.

Straight Teeth

  1. Are easier to clean and floss leading to healthier oral health and in turn healthy physiological well-being
  2. Makes chewing more efficient and thereby the process of digestion
  3. A perfect bite avoids stress, headaches and strain on supporting bone & tissue
  4. Are important in increasing self confidence and produces clear speech