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  • SupriyaN

    When I approached Dr. Praanesh, my visit to the dentist was long overdue. Dr. Praanesh’s team at the clinic called me and fixed the appointment. I was also impressed when I was given a reminder call a day before. Dr. Praanesh has a knack of putting you completely at ease. What strikes me the most is his clear communication about the issue at hand. His comfortable and confident manner make you settle back in that chair and just surrender. He also takes time to let you know why he has decided on a certain plan of action as regards your specific problems. After all my experiences with the dentists I must add Dr. Praanesh has a steady hand that does not seem to falter. Dr. Praanesh and his team were professional. Personal care was taken at every step. Needless to say Dr. Praanesh knows how to throw in the humor and cheer with his patients just when required. My dealing with Six Sigma Dentistry has been a very pleasant one and I would be happy to recommend them to my contacts. I wish Dr. Praanesh and his team every success in the future.


  • I, Ila Chaudhri, wish to put on record having used the services of Dr. Praanesh Kapur, dental implant specialist at Six Sigma Dentistry, Nirvana Country, Gurgaon. From the onset his appointment management with well timed reminders impressed me and the moment I entered his clinic, I knew I had made a wise decision. Not only is his clinic spic and span and tastefully done up but is fully equipped with most technologically advanced equipments including the latest OPG. His professionalism, relaxed and confident manner instantly gave me the comfort and trust to get my 3 dental implants. His fetish for sanitation was exceptional and uncompromised. With the precautions he and his staff took towards infection controlled procedures almost made me wonder if it was a dental implant surgery or the open heart surgery. Having used the best materials for my implants, I certainly got the highest quality of dental care. He has actually given me 32 reasons to smile. I will gladly recommend Dr. Praanesh Kapur to all my personal and professional contacts.


  • I, Ekta Sharma would like to give a testimonial to Dr. Praanesh Kapur from Six Sigma Dentistry. You all would agree that it is very tough for a mother of 2 kids to convince them to visit a dentist. But, how would you react when the kids themselves show a keen interest in visiting the dentist knowing that the dentist may hurt them with an injection. Such is a relief I feel when I tell them to go, get ready for Dr. Praanesh’s appointment. Dr. Praanesh Kapur is one such solution to all the dentist –fearing kids and their tensed parents. The way Dr. Kapur makes children feel comfortable is praise-worth. It was very easy for me to solve my daughter’s dental issues because now I knew where to go. The personal touch he offers and the reassurance to all his patients has changed the entire concept of medical care in our lives. I strongly recommend the excellent dental-care services of Dr. Praanesh and his team of medical expert offers. Not only Dr. Kapur himself but his entire staff at six sigma dentistry is polite mannered and makes our experience pleasing.


  • I, Neelima Kapoor, take this opportunity to give my testimonial to Dr. Praanesh Kapur from Six Sigma Dentistry and acknowledge his services. I had visited Dr. Praanesh a couple of months back for my daughter’s unevenly growing teeth. She was very reluctant to visit a dentist. However, Dr. Praanesh and Dr. Sunanda gave us the complete reasoning and understanding behind the problem. They made us very comfortable and gave us all the solutions. Soon we started with the process which included extraction of few of her permanent teeth and setting up braces. The whole process was done in the most professional way. It was completely painless to our surprise and we are very satisfied. She is always looking forward to her next appointment at the clinic as she is at ease with the team of doctors there. I highly recommend Dr. Praanesh and his team to all fellow members and will surely recommend him to my family and friends.


  • Last year I visited Dr. Praanesh Kapur for my dental checkup and after examining he told me that the alignment of my teeth was out and because of that I was not able to chew my food properly and I was getting unexplained upset stomach. Dr. Praanesh started the treatment and it took him 6 months to correct the situation and now I am able to chew and bite my food properly. During the treatment, I was amazed to see his passion for his work and his excitement when the results started showing up. He is a perfectionist and I would compare him with Picasso and Steve job of dentistry. Thanks Dr. Praanesh for making my life easy with your immense knowledge and hardwork. Your passion for your work is intense and I had so much fun dealing with you. You are the best. I will surely recommend Dr. Praanesh to everyone!!! Wishing Dr. Praanesh all the best.


  • Gagan Kapoor

    I, Gagan Kapoor, would like to acknowledge the services provided by dr. Praanesh Kapur from Six Sigma Dentistry. Sitting on the dental chair for the first time in life can be very daunting and so was I wondering what next. But the way Praanesh took me through the whole procedure it couldn’t have been the more comfortable one. Although, by the end of it I was almost a tooth short, but the whole fear of going to the dentist was gone. He explained well about the condition at hand, the procedure he is going to follow and the desired end result. All in all, I was completely overwhelmed by his skill and the way he treats his patients. I would certainly recommend Dr. Praanesh to everyone in dental need and get a six sigma smile. He, infact gives you many more reasons to smile than 32.


  • Vikas Sharma

    I, Vikas Sharma want to put in record our appreciation for six sigma dentistry and Dr. Praanesh Kapur. My mother Mrs. Kamlesh Sharma is currently undergoing treatment at their clinic in nirvana country. She is a heart patient who has already undergone CABG and the need of the hour was to handle her very patiently and make sure that she completes the treatment and not run midway.. Dr. Praanesh knows his dentistry with mastery. He charmed her with his patience and explained her in detail about the treatment and the numerous sitting she will have to go through, making her comfortable so that she undergoes the treatment with a smile on her face. Thank you so much Dr. Praanesh and Dr. Preeti at Six Sigma Dentistry for helping my mother with her treatment. We wish you and your team all the best in future. Thank you once again.


  • testimonial_logo_icon

    I would like to place on record my appreciation for Dr. Praanesh Kapur. I had an excruciating toothache late evening of 28 April 12. I requested Dr. Praanesh for his help early morning of the 29th and he immediately scheduled an appointment the same day, despite it being Sunday and therefore a very busy day owing to his teaching assignments. Dr. Praanesh not only diagnosed the problem within minutes but seeing the gravity of the situation decided to conduct an immediate root canal procedure despite his teaching schedule. Thereafter, when I explained to him that I was scheduled to proceed to Mumbai for BNI training, he once again went out of the way to schedule next 3 appointments in quick succession. This ensured that i was pain free and that the treatment was complete before I left for Mumbai. My experience shows that his patients come first for Dr. Kapur. I sincerely thank Dr. Praanesh Kapur for his timely intervention and wish him all the very best for his practice. I would like to add that he has a very steady and a gentle hand whilst handling the procedures. Given his professional approach and courteous nature I unhesitatingly recommend him to all my friends and family. He does give people in pain “32 reasons to smile”.


  • testimonial_logo_icon

    I take great pleasure in recommending Dr. Praanesh Kapur of six sigma dentistry. I have jumped off planes and walked on burning coals. However I thought of getting even the simplest dental procedures makes me into a nervous wreck (which Dr. Praanesh will testify to!). Recently I lost a filling and after much dilly dallying and agonising over it finally called up Dr. Kapur, who immediately fitted me into his busy schedule and I had the most pain free and comfortable dental treatment ever. Dr. Kapur has been treating my son and husband also over the last few months. What is really impressive is the level of sanitisation and hygiene Dr. Praanesh and his team practice. Having had medical complications, my husband who has been treated in clinics across the world, swears by the high level of precautions taken by Dr. Praanesh. We therefore have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Praanesh Kapur as our “dentist of choice” and would be happy to refer others to him. Thank you Dr. Praanesh, for the personal attention you have given to all members of my family.


  • Customer Review

    A wonderful and pleasant experience of having my tooth extracted and an implant placed. The hallmark of the place is the quiet but underlined presence of quality and professionalism. Thanks Dr. Praanesh.

    DR. PARTHASARATHY (Spine Surgeon, Chennai),


    Dear Dr. Kapur ! Thank you for excellent service and lots of good help. In only 2 sessions you managed to help me with a RCT, several fillings and whitening. I return to Norway with a big smile!!!!


  • Arun Kumar

    My son was suffering from acute wisdom tooth pain. He tried another dentist of repute but with no respite. Dr. Bejoyish Marda's expertise not only correctly diagnosed the problem but he also very successfully performed this tricky surgery. My son is fully recovered and has resumed his kick boxing practice too. Dr. Praanesh ‘s USP is his detailed and correct diagnosis and putting the patient at ease.


  • testimonial_logo_icon

    When I visited Dr. Kapur, I was an extremely nervous patient. I was in acute pain. Eating itself was a scary proposition and chewing was out of the question. And I did not know what was in store. I was mortally scared of any dental procedure. To my surprise and delight Dr. Kapur was different to other dentists I had consulted before. He begins with the discussion with me in depth about the procedure, the associated benefits and risks. He performed a root canal therapy on me and I can tell you that this is by far the best dental experience I have ever had. After each treatment I have always felt that I could come in if I have any questions, no matter how busy he is he will always take time for me and gives 100% of his attention. I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU!!! I put on record me deep appreciation for his patience with me and my high respect for his expertise. I gladly recommend his services to all my friends and family.